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Live stream underwater video using a GoPro and the GoPro app.

DIY Underwater Inclinometer/Accelerometer Logger

Here is a cheap, simple system for logging incline and acceleration underwater using the Adafruit adalogger and the LSM303 triple-axis accelerometer.

Video Analysis Software Review

Finding the correct software to analyze videos can be difficult.  In this review I looked at 8 software packages designed to quantify events captured via video.  We'll look at functionality, cost and the potential uses of each package to help you find the right tool for your next project.

Scene shot taken from the BORIS software package.

GoPro Timestamp

Learn how to add a timestamp onto your GoPro videos using Python.

This image was taken on a commercial fishing net with a GoPro camera.  The date, time and camera depth were overlaid onto the video for analysis.

GoPro Lens Calibration and Correction

The fisheye lens used by GoPro offers a great field of view, however it also causes distortion of the image.  Learn how to calculate the distortion parameters and use those to correct the images.

Distorted Image

Corrected image.